RO Matters

What are Range Officers?

Range Officers (RO’s) are the officials that regulate the conduct of the IPSC shooting sport, apply the rules of competition and ensure fair play. Because of the inherent danger of using firearms, very strict safety is enforced at all levels of practical shooting.  There will be a minimum of one RO for every shooting stage, or group of shooters (called “detail” or “squad”).

Internationally, range officers are governed by International Range Officers Association (IROA).  Locally we have the South African Institute of Range Officers and Instructors (SAIRO) affiliated to IROA.  These organisations were established to train, accredit, recognise, and maintain match officials. They ensure that practical shooting range officers are the best trained, the best qualified, and the best prepared, to a same world wide standard.

IPSC Rules

The IPSC rules are implemented and enforced internationally.  Here are the current IPSC rule books:

2019 – RulesHandgun

2019 – RulesMini-Rifle

2019 – RulesRifle

2019 – RulesShotgun

2019 – RulesPCC

RO Manuals and Related Documents

The following documents are relevant to ROs:

2019 Target Array Handbook

SAIRO Certification Guide

SAIRO Trainee Registration

SAPSA Match Director Guide

SAPSA Range Master Guide