Range Safety

Safety on the Shooting Range

Please take note of these safety requirements when making use of the shooting range at Vektor:

  • Eye protection and hearing protection are mandatory for all shooters and visitors / spectators.
  • For handgun shoots, you will require a holster that is on your belt – no inside pants holsters (IWB) are permitted.
  • Your holster must cover the trigger and must have a retaining strap or system.
  • You may NOT enter the club premises with a loaded firearm.  There is a “hot box” unloading bay at the gate.  Your loaded firearm must be unloaded there before entering the range.
  • No handling of firearms unless under direct instruction by a Range Officer (RO).
  • Rifles, Shotguns and Mini Rifles must be flagged with a clearly visible chamber flag.  If you do not have a chamber flag, your rifle must remain bagged at all times.
  • Even though its not a DQ offence yet, its highly recommended that your barrel NEVER point over the backstop (berm).