Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Practical Shooting and 3-gun

What ammo am I allowed to use?

For handgun and rifle, any FMJ (Full Metal Jacket) ammunition is allowed.  This us usually the cheapest ammo. Armour piercing, tracer / incendiary ammo are strictly prohibited.

For shotgun normally we use #7 (or #7 ½) birdshot, unless otherwise advised prior to the match.

What gear do I need?

You do not need to spend a lot on equipment to get started.  This is the minimum needed:

  • Common Gear:
    • Eye Protection – any eye protection would be allowed, however, proper ballistic shooting glasses are recommended.
    • Hearing Protection – any hearing protectors such as foam type will be allowed, however proper shooting muffs are recommended.
  • Handgun Gear:
    • Firearm – a handgun of 9mm Luger caliber (or larger).  A minimum of 2 magazines required, but 4 is recommended.
    • OWB holster – a holster covering the trigger guard of your handgun.  Also required is a sturdy belt to hold your holster in place.  Speed rigs are allowed and recommended, but not a requirement.  (IWB holsters are NOT recommended)
    • Magazine pouch – a belt mounted magazine pouch that carries at least 2 magazines.
    • Ammunition – correct ammunition for your handgun.  Self defence / carry ammo not recommended.  Bring 150 – 200 rounds for a club shoot.
  • Shotgun Gear:
    • Firearm – any 12GA shotgun, pump action with at least 5 round magazine capacity.  Over-under and side-by-side shotguns will not work.  Semi-auto shotguns are recommended, but can be obtained later.
    • Ammunition – #7 birdshot shot shells recommended.  Bring 50 – 70 rounds for a club shoot.  Occasionally buck-shot or slugs may be required, but it will be communicated before the shoot.
    • Ammo Pouch – a belt mounted shotshell carrier with a capacity of at least 12 is recommended.
    • Safety Flag – a bright chamber safety flag is highly recommended (alternatively the weapon must remain bagged).
  • Rifle Gear:
    • Firearm – even though a bolt action rifle (.223 REM or .308 WIN) is allowed, a semi auto rifle is highly recommended.  Popular rifles include Ruger Mini 14, LM-4 / LM-5 and the very popular AR-15.  You will also need at least 2 magazines.
    • Ammunition – correct ammo for your rifle.  Bring 70 – 100 rounds for a club shoot.
    • Magazine pouch – a belt mounted magazine pouch that can hold at least one magazine.
    • Safety Flag – a bright chamber safety flag is highly recommended (alternatively the weapon must remain bagged).

Most of the gear you require for 3-gun shooting can be purchased from the gun shops on our Sponsors page.  Please support our sponsors!

What is 3-Gun?

“3-Gun” refers to the 3 primary disciplines within IPSC shooting, where you compete with a handgun (pistol), shotgun and semi auto rifle.

Read more at www.ipsc.org.

What is the smallest caliber pistol allowed for Practical Shooting?

9mm Luger (also known as 9mm Parabellum)

Vektor Shooting Club

Can I visit a shooting event as a spectator?

Yes, you are very welcome! (If current Covid-19 regulations allow)

Just please remember, for safety, everyone on the range must wear spectacles or safety glasses and hearing protection.

Feel free to ask the range master to show you around, and to tell you more.

Do I need any formal training to join Vektor Shooting Club?


Note, to own a firearm you need competency training as required by the law/Police. The club will provide all training needed for the sport – mostly active during club shoots.

How are shooting matches scored?

Traditionally a paper scoring method were implemented, however, at Vektor Shooting Club we are in touch with technology!  We use electronic scoring devices on the range, and final results are available as soon as the match is finished.

What facilities does the club have?
  • A shooting range with seven separate shooting areas/stages fully equipped for IPSC type competitions
  • Full accreditation by SABS in accordance with SA Police requirements
  • Handgun, Rifle and Shotgun shooting up to 60m
  • Clubhouse with offices, braai area and ablution
  • Full affiliation with Eastern Gauteng Practical Shooting Association (EGPSA)
  • Full affiliation with South African Practical Shooting Association (SAPSA) which is affiliated to the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC).