About Club Events

Club Events

  • Club events are hosted on Saturdays as per the club Calendar.
  • Club events are free of charge to all paid-up club members in good standing.
  • Gates open at 08:00, and registration CLOSES at 09:00.  If you arrive late you will not be allowed to shoot.
  • REMEMBER: eye and hearing protection is mandatory while on the shooting range.


  • All visitors:
    • Are allowed 1 (one) shoot free of charge to "try it out".
    • Thereafter, visitors are welcome to shoot again, however a fee of R150 will apply.
    • All visitors must report to the Range Master of the day, and/or club Chairman during registration.
  • SAPSA registered visitors are welcome to shoot any club shoot, without safety training & vetting.
  • Non-registered visitors also welcome, however:
    • Visitor must inform club management at least 5 days before the shoot.
    • Visitor must first pass basic safety training and vetting (before club event commences).


After every club match we have a social gathering (BRAAI!).  Bring your own cooler with meat and drinks.  We supply the coals.